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Lumbela Automatic Garage Doors

Lumbela Contractors has been providing exceptional service to clients in South Africa for numerous years now. We have become a known household brand in the automatic garage doors business in the region. With our expert technical team, you’ll receive professional assistance with your automatic door problems or queries. Our prices are competitive, but it’s our exceptional service that places us above the competition. We do it all – just talk to us.

Lumbela Contractors provides quality services all around the supply, installation, repair & servicing of all types of garage doors.

Automated doors are gates are a much more secure, safe, and convenient option than needing to get out of your vehicle to open the garage to park your vehicle inside. Getting out of your vehicle to close and open a gate can also be dangerous. Automation makes the process of reaching and leaving your home a much safer one.

Lumbela Contractors aims to create the entire experience of reaching and leaving your property as convenient and safe as possible. Moreover, automated garage doors look incredible and provide your residential property an immediate boost that gets instantly noticed by passerby’s.


What Makes Lumbela Contractors The Best Choice for Automatic Garage Doors?

  1. We only work with products that are created from durable, strong, and high-quality materials that last way longer than generic brands.
  2. We make sure that all of our garage door installations are completed with products that have been designed and manufactured by expert craftsmen.
  3. All of our quotes are customized according to your property and needs. Our team of widely trained automated garage door installers will come over to your property for a rapid inspection.
  4. We know that our installations are meant to secure your home from intruders, which is why we make your family’s safety our top priority.
  5. Our garage door installations are made to provide your property an exclusive look that matches the highest standards, while still cost-effective.

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Benefits of Automatic Garage Doors

Choosing to work with professional automated garage door installers is already a great step in the right direction, here’s why:


The primary function of garage doors is to open and close access to the garage space. Automatic door installations nowadays have developed so greatly that they are highly reliable and rarely defect, thereby demanding just periodic maintenance. With gate motor installations you get consistent performance.


This can become an issue when one needs to leave and reach home during odd hours. Doing so manually could be a nuisance and dangerous as well. Keep this in mind when debating getting automatic doors - less time spent on closing the garage door - the safer you are!


Another great advantage of automatic garage doors is its safety mechanisms. They possess unique sensors that keep the door from closing whenever it senses that something is in the door’s path. This is essential, especially when one has children or pets in their household. With automatic garage doors, you’ll gain that peace of mind that they are all safe when playing nearby the garage.


While some may argue that manual garage doors can help one get a nice quick workout done, we are often way too tired to perform the work needed to pull and lift a manual garage door. The bustle and hustle of the modern lifestyle makes our everydays lives so stressful, that anything that can be solved with a simple push of a button becomes a blessing.

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automatic garage doors pretoria

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