As a professional maintenance services provider we are able to attend to all your door needs.

Need Door Repairs or Installations Done Today By Gauteng’s Leading Door Contractors?

Lumbela Door Service Contractors

Need to have some doors installed or hanged in your residential or commercial property? Looking for someone to fit your new doors properly without causing more harm than good? Don’t waste your time on mediocre services. Instead, choose to work with a company that has the reputation behind it and that knows how to properly perform installations and repairs of doors in the region. Choose to work with Lumbela Door Contractors!

Lumbela Door Contractors - Leading The Way In Quality Door Services

When it comes to fitting and hanging doors in a property, you won’t be able to find anyone better than Lumbela. With years of experience in Carpentry and door installations, our door installers and carpenters will help you with any carpentry service requirement that pops up. We can hang both exterior and interior door units. Plus, we cater for all project sorts, be it construction or home improvement projects.

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door maintenance

What can Lumbela Door Contractors do for you?

We can install and fit just about any type of door, including:

Garage Doors

Interior Doors

Exterior Doors

Sliding Doors

Hollow Core

Pivotting and various kinds of wooden doors

Doors for all areas

living room, kitchen, bathrooms and more

Not just that, we also perform quality repairs and maintenance services to exterior and interior doors. If you’re having a hard time opening any stuck door in the house, if your pivot entrance touches the floor, or if the posts are jamming the frame – we can help. Moreover, we can even replace broken locks, handles, latches, hinges, and more! We have a solution for all types of units.

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Why Choose Lumbela Contractors For Your Door Installations?

For the perfect door installation it is essential to work with the best professionals Johannesburg & Pretoria has to offer. We say it time and time again, the experience we have is unbeatable. We have all of the required tools and, just as important, have the skills to perfectly install all type of doors in your property. Our professional door fitters assure nothing but outstanding quality.

Not only are we the best when it comes to quality of work, but we are also very affordable. Our competitive rates and vast experience make us the perfect contractors for your job. We currently serve commercial and domestic clients – both offices and apartments, including all types of doors the industry knows of. Since we possess a sufficient employer base, all fittings and installations of doors are handled quickly, wasting no time whatsoever.

All Work By Lumbela Door Contractors is Guaranteed

When you hire a reputable and professional door installer, like Lumbela Door Contractors, you receive a warranty of the work performed, which protects you in the case that a problem arises. This is obviously not possible if you choose to perform the installations yourself or choose to work with a firm you can’t count on.


Do I Really Need A Company To Perform Door Installations?

Energy costs are on the rise. You want your doors to make your property as energy efficient as possible. In addition, a well-installed door will provide the essential first-step security your property needs. Not just that, doors that are installed and maintained properly also reduce outdoor sound levels, make the property much more attractive, and enhance the property’s overall value. These are just a few of the reasons you should choose to work with reputable, professional door experts like Lumbela.

door maintenance

Whether you’re searching for a new entry door, bathroom door, or office sliding door, you want it to be installed by a professional in order to enhance the look and quality of your home or commercial property. Whatever door you utlimately choose to have, it is crucial to have it installed by professionals in order to avoid issues in the future like cracks, rotting wood, air leaks, and moisture seepage.

Don’t waste time on amateurs. Work with leading door specialists in South Africa – Call us at Lumbela Door Contractors at +27 14 557 1303 today!

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