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Lumbela Flooring Contractors

If you came to us looking for Professionsal Flooring Contractors in Gauteng you came to the right Contractor! Whether you’re a fresh new homeowner or just looking to upgrade your existing home’s look, you may have already been looking at various new flooring options for your property. There are numerous different types of flooring options available to install, including marble tile flooring in bathroom areas, ceramic tile in kitchens, hardwood flooring in hallways, and more. Getting your floors installed by professional flooring contractors is the best decision you can make.

Flooring Solutions Made To Make Every Single Day Extraordinary

With years of experience and some of the biggest clients in South Africa, Lumbela Flooring Contractors has become a trusted partner to homeowners and businesses for reliable flooring installation and maintenance services.

We take pride in providing nothing but quality services. Our success as a firm derives from many years of experience in the flooring industry, wide knowledge, reliability, skill, and quality control – with complete customer satisfaction being the core of our services.

Our deep client portfolio includes homeowners, property developers, schools, building contractors, insurance companies, churches, retail groups, and specialist shops, amongst others.

A great quality floor, whether in the form of tiles, carpets, wooden flooring, or anything else, that is installed properly – adds unmatched value to your property. In addition, it allows for a space that isn’t just pleasant to look at, but also one where you truly enjoy spending your time in.

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Flooring Solutions Made To Make Every Single Day Extraordinary

Choosing to work with a professional floor expert is already a great step in the right direction, here’s why:

efficient installations

Since we do this kind of work on a daily basis, we can complete the job quicker than anyone else. You have the option to schedule the installations at a day and time that best suits your schedule.

access to various flooring options

When you go for professional floor experts like Lumbela Contractors, you know that you work with contractors that are well familiar with the quality floor products they are dealing with. When going for DIY options or an inexperienced service provider, the experience with all floor types just isn’t there. With us, the final result is way superior, and performed much quicker!

guaranteed work

We at Lumbela Contractors provide a guarantee of our work. If our job doesn’t fully meet your desired expectations or the floor was somehow installed incorrectly, we’ll immediately come back and solve the problem at no additional charge.

minimal effort on your part

We perform all of the work. This means that you can completely focus on your daily tasks without worrying about your property’s flooring.

flooring removal

We remove the old flooring and make sure to clean up the entire area before beginning new flooring installations. This allows you to forget about the need to tear up any existing carpet, hiring another contractor to get rid of the existing floors, or clean before and after work. We do it all - from A to Z.

all tools & supplies on hand

We are professional flooring contractors, which means that we arrive fully prepared with all the needed specialty supplies, tools, and saws that are needed to get the task done well and quick.

check the sub-flooring

Before starting the work, we check the subflooring after removing old floors or carpet in order to check for mold, water damage, or any other issues. If we detect any damage, we’ll recommend getting that problem fixed before beginning the floor installation. With us, we can fix that problem as well, so you won’t need to go looking for somebody else!

With Lumbela Flooring Contractors, you know your project is in the hand of qualified professionals. With years of experience in all related to floors in South Africa and vast knowledge of the industry, you simply can’t go wrong when choosing us as your flooring contractors. All of our work is guaranteed and we won’t leave until you’re fully satisfied.

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